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The Tush Push Instruction | Swing Version


This episode is our newest instruction for how to dance the Tush Push Swing Version line dance. Taught by Paolo of the Covid Busters Swing Team, we break down each of the steps with explanation taking you from the start through to the final patterns. Then when you're ready you can pull up our demo on youtube for the FREE and join along to dance with the Covid Busters Swing Team.

The Tush Push (Swing Version) is a variation of the country line dance with a style more suited to blues music. The first evolution of it took place in Charleston, South Carolina by ballroom/swing teacher Daniel Mclean who then shared his pattern with us. It was during that trip that we took a liking to this and subsequently years later, around 2010 we added a few steps and adjusted the choreography to fit our taste. We (Paolo & Laurentina) further developed the dance and re-arranged and re-worked the ending, altering the choreography to fit blues phrasing (6 Bars).

A favorite tune to showcase their swing version of the Tush Push line dance is “HOME USA” by Fat’s Domino and”Eeezy Now” by Aquablue. Paolo Pasta Lanna © 2020


4 Triple Steps (with the last step of the triple converted to a kick) 3 Kicks (or heel touches) Weight Change onto Right Foot and clap on 4

Tush Push (forward on 5,6, back on 7,8

Tush Push (single time forward on 1, back on 2, forward on 3, back on 4)

Mambo forward (on 1,2, 3, Mambo back on 5, 6, 7

The Chase (same counts)

Fish Tail on 1,2 Shorty George (on 5,6,7) Turn ¼ to the Left

Repeat entire sequence

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